Members' Successes



Viv Apple

Read a selection of poems at The Fringe at The Ship Event. Has received a commission to write a poem for a wedding in November. Poem 'Washing Up' on the 'Give a Poem a Voice' website



Leatta Antcliff

15th e-book 'The Haunting of Pandora Fox' published by Gypsy Shadow Publishing.
Fifteenth novel 'A Man named Klaus' accepted by Gypsy Shadow Publishing.
Short story 'Agnes' accepted for broadcast.
In the Pre-editors and Editors readers' poll, her novel 'Jason Spells it Out' reached fifth in the top ten children's stories.



Jennifer Appleyard

Read the prologue and start of chapter one of 'Touch the Earth' at the Fringe at The Ship event.



Ann Bell

Accepted as a reviewer for an American book site.



Carol Bevitt

A story in the One Word Anthology 2013 by the Talkback Writers now available in print.
Co-hosted an online launch party based around Facebook for the One Word Anthology.
Read a short story and some flash fiction at The Fringe at The Ship Event.



Ron Booth

An article in the book 'Hyson Green Flats'.
A poem in the Nottingham Post 29th June



Ian Christie

Story 'Ma Grindley' in Silver Scribes Anthology 2013 and was presented a copy by the Mayor of Gedling and Stephen Booth.
Short story 'Nellie Harper' published with a photo in Bygones 4th March.
Ghost story in Bygones 6th March
Article on the Spanish Flu epidemic 1918/19 in the same issue.
Finalist in the 'Silver Scribes 2013' short story competition run by New Writers UK.



Les Davey

Poem 'Letter to Harald Hardraada in Vallhaala, delivered to him on 26th September 1066' in the Anglo-Saxon society magazine 'Widowinde'.
Poem 'Richard the Lionheart' published in the newsletter of the Archery Collectors' Guild.
Two poems recited at Bromley House. 'She walks in Beauty' by Byron and 'Summer's Eve' by Les.
Letter in the Nottingham Post.
Letter in The Nottingham Post
Poem in Anglo Saxon Journal
3 letters in the Nottingham Post.



Keith Havers

Stories in The Weekly News in June and July
Story in The People's Friend in July.
Story sold to Yours magazine for the October edition.
A short story 'A Waste of Time' in People's Friend, February.



Bernice Koslowski

Letter and interview in the Nottingham Post
Interview on Channel 3
Interview on Radio Nottingham



Michael Payne

Second article on the history of Nottingham cinemas in Spring/Summer edition of the Nottinghamshire Historian.
Poem published by Nottingham Civic Society
Short story accepted for the 'Silver Scribe Short Story Competition 2013' anthology.



Joan Wallace

Poem 'Rose Future' published in the Nottingham Post in August.
Two articles, with photos, in the Nottingham Post's 'Bygones' Special Edition for Remembrance Day.



Graham Wright

News features 'Muscles and Motors' and 'New Year, New Publicans' in Ruddington Village News and website.
Accepted for the Ruddington Village News publication and website:
News features 'Drinks and More...', 'Go to Gracie's!'
'We will Remember Them'.
4 articles in the Ruddington Village News:
 'End of the Road for Ruddington Travel', 'A Village too Vast', 'Nottingham comes to Ruddington' and 'We're on the Telly Again!'.



Leatta Antcliff

Novel Dead Dogs don't Bark accepted by Gypsy Shadow Publishing
The Adventures of Jason Foster going into print with GS Publishing.


Viv Apple

Review in The Times 19th March
Article in the NEP
Letter in Radio Times 5th to 12th March issue
Article about Alan Sillitoe Statue Fund in NEP 14th April
Three poems Starlings, Heat and Aftermath 1943 in the 60th Anniversary Anthology of the Nottingham Poetry Society.


Ron Booth

2 photos from the Second World War in NEP Bygones, 13th November 2010
Poem 'You Must be Old as Me' in Reading church magazine, November 2010
'Day at the Seaside' in NEP 20th November 2010
Invitation to the Partnership Council, Radford, to present their annual awards, 25th November 2010
Report and photo re invitation to meet Prince Charles at St Martin in the Fields, London, along with other VS's and George Cross holders.
2 photos in NEP Bygones 22nd January 2011
Story of Nottingham swimming baths, NEP 22nd December 2010
Awarded the MBE in the New Year's Honours List
Article on the MBE in NEP and Mansfield Chad
2 photos of the bombing in Nottingham in the NEP 22nd January
1 photo of 2 girls in Radford in NEP 28th February
Talk on Living in Hyson Green in 1953 14th March
Talk on schooling in the Second World War 16th March
2 page spread on Jack Fenner, a Nottingham Policeman, 19th March
Full page spread and photos on church outings in Nottingham
Story of a neighbour killed in the Blitz in 1941 in the NEP 2nd May
Photo receiving MBE in the RSB Spring edition
Photo with Staff Sergeant Kim Hughes in May edition of This England
Poem The Local Bobby in May edition of the Police Retired
Photo with Staff Sgt. Hughes at St Martin in the Field, London, in May edition of This England
Photo with Lord Mayor laying a wreath at VC Memorial in the Castle, NEP 23rd May
Poem Clarity in NEP 25th May
Gave a talk on A C Booth, VC, at the Basford History Society on 15th May
Photo of Notts. cricketers Larwood and Voce in NEP 30th May
Poem Father's Day in NEP 2nd June. Poem The Great Outdoors of Scotland came second at the National Rally for Motor Vans in Scotland on 6th June
Story of Colwick Pleasure Park during the second world war in NEP Bygones, August.


David Bowman

All published e books accepted for the Overdrive virtual library system with over 9,000 members world wide
Library of Northern Ireland bought 10 copies of short story 'A Question over Dinner'
Interview and quotes in a forthcoming book by Deborah Riley-Magnus about the importance of social networking in promoting your book.
All books now available in the Amazon Kindle store
Gave a talk at St John's Ambulance, Hucknall, on 8th August.
Novel Two Brothers is back in print
One order for the entire Carthaginian Empire series of e-books at Amazon on 15th July
Novel The Thirteenth Nanny bought by eight different public libraries in the USA
The Alexandria Public Library, Virginia, purchased all the Carthaginian Empire series (32 books)



Tony Butler

Novel Different is back in print.
Novel Killing Kat contracted by Bluewood Publishing.


Les Davey

Article in 'Ramblers' magazine
5 articles in 'Bombala Times', Australia
4 letters in NEP
Article on roman arrowhead for the Archer Antiquarie Society.
Essay on living and working on barges on the Trent, on displayed in the museum in Newark.
4 articles in Bombala Times, Outback, Australia
5 letters in the NEP
1 letter in Archery GB plus a prize
3 essays 'Living and Working on Barges, Nottingham to Hull', is now on the internet.
Four letters and one poem in the NEP
Four articles in Bombala Times



Alison Davies

Dark Fantasy book for young adults with reading difficulties, published by Barrington Stoke, June 2011
Non fiction book on storytelling for parents and carers published by Featherstone May 2011
Novel The After School Club published by Barrington Stoke
Was invited to talk on the Zoe Ball Show, BBC Radio 2, on 10th September



Keith Havers

Short story in September issue of Take a Break Fiction Feast.
Short story sold to That's Life in Australia
Short story in The Weekly News



Bernice Kozlowski

Interview on Radio Nottingham
Gave a book lecture at St John's Church, Bakersfield
Gave a talk at Carlton Library
Book published in 2010
Letter in NEP
Article in The Daily Mail
Book signing at WH Smith's in Skegness



Ron Morris

Book review in DH Lawrence Journal
Book review in Journal of the Honourable Company of Master Mariners
Item in Bosun's Chronicle


Senga Roche

Poem in Nottingham Poetry Society's 70th anniversary anthology October
Co-edited an anthology of short stories and poems entitled Ore for Nottingham Trent University, and has a poem and short story included.


Christine Straw

Review of Palazzo Parisio published on Trip Advisor
Letter to The Times, Malta


Joan Wallace

Poem 'Earthbound' in NEP, 8th November 2010
Poem 'Fallen Blossoms' in NEP 6th December 2010
Poem 'It's My Age of Enlightenment' in the Daily Mail, 7th January 2011
Commissioned by a TV production company to provide pictorial and narrative material for a series 'Made in Britain', due to be shown on BBC Spring 2011
Novel 'Two of Clubs' adopted by the University of Lincoln for a module for their drama degree course
Feature and photo in Spring Edition of This England about her Nottingham Empire theatrical career
Poem 'Crowning Glory' in the NEP 23rd February
Poem 'Summer Gold' in NEP 16th September
Poem 'Player's Angels' in the NEP 29th September
Poem 'Fancy a Quick Bit of Burnishing, Cleo?' in the Daily Mail 30th September
Poem 'Fallen' in NEP 4th November


Jill Walmsley

Primeval Denial website weekly caption competitions:
Joint second on 14th February, joint third on 21st March, joint first on 5th April and first place on 9th May.


Glenis Wilson

Contract from Commissioning Editor of Ulverscroft Publishers for novel 'Vendetta'.


Graham Wright

News features 'Ruddington Restaurant Renaissance' and 'Business Boos for Village Centre' in Ruddington Village News, December 2010
News feature 'Fitness, Food, Physio and Pharmaceuticals' in Ruddington Village News, January 2011
Articles 'Part One of OJ Blood The Blacksmith' and 'New Sainsbury's opens this Month' in Ruddington Newsletter, February.
2 articles in the Ruddington Village Newsletter: O J Blood The Blacksmith (2 part feature) and 'Still Tough for Traders'.
Articles 'More Licks at the Vic!' and 'Ruddington's Weather Record' in the Ruddington Village Newsletter and on the Parish Council website.


Ztan Zmith

New Brinsley book sold out and full page feature in local newspaper.
Book 'Margery C Bates' published and reviewed in NEP 18th October


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